Get with the program!

The Citizens Bank Reward Visa Card program offers your business a variety of program options and card designs. Select the program that best fit your needs.

Special Card DesignsEnjoy Card

Our seasonal and special design cards are exciting options. Learn more.

Standard Card ProgramVisa Standard Card

For organizations that want to take advantage of giving cards without any financial investment, use the Citizens Bank Reward Visa Card. Learn more.

Co-Branded Card ProgramVisa Cobranded Card

For small to medium-sized organizations that want the benefits of co-branding a Visa card without the investment in time and money of a fully customized card, use the Citizens Bank Reward Visa Card with your company logo printed on the top left corner of the card. Learn more.

Custom Card ProgramVisa Custom Card

For organizations with strong business track records and significant customer base they wish to issue their cards to, design your very own, totally customized Visa Card Program. Learn more.