Corporate Reward Gift Cards

Looking for the ideal employee, customer or consumer reward or rebate?

Look no further. Introducing the Citizens Bank Reward Visa Card. It is a prepaid card where the value of the card is determined by the amount of money loaded on the card by the corporate purchaser. Spend everywhere Visa is accepted including online.*

  1. It's personal. The Citizens Bank Reward Visa Card is the ideal employee, customer, or consumer incentive or reward because it allows the recipient to choose the gift that is special to them.
  2. It's accepted. The Citizens Bank Reward Visa Card can be used anywhere a Visa card is accepted electronically while enjoying the convenience of a Visa card.
  3. It's branded. The Citizens Bank Reward Visa Card program offers businesses and organizations the ability to co-brand or design their very own, totally customized, Visa Card Program.

Cards are in Canadian dollars and can be shipped within Canada only.

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Using Your Card

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