Privacy Statement

Citizens Bank of Canada, its subsidiaries and affiliated companies (Collectively Citizens Bank) may collect personal information from me, from product and service arrangements I have made with or through you, from credit bureaus and other financial institutions, and from the references I have provided you.

Citizens Bank may collect, use and disclose my personal information for the following purposes:

To provide me with financial services
To understand my financial and banking needs
To develop, manage and deliver products and services to me
To determine my eligibility for different products and services
To ensure that I receive a high standard of service
To meet regulatory requirements
To manage and transfer the assets and liabilities of Citizens Bank; and
To verify my identity.

Citizens Bank may provide my personal information to credit bureaus and other financial institutions and, with my consent, to other parties. Citizens Bank may share my personal information with its employees and business partners, but only as needed for the provision of products and services.

Citizens Bank may also use my personal information to introduce products and services that may be of interest to me through contacting me directly (via mail, telephone calls or e-mail only), and share it, (subject to applicable law) for marketing purposes within Citizens Bank.

For more information of how Citizens Bank manages your personal information, please ask us for a copy of our full Privacy Code.